28 photographs 11" x 11" and 16" x 16", silvergelatine on fibre-based paper, 2009 – 2015


To come down on my own experience, my companion and I, for I sometimes have a companion, take pleasure in fancying ourselves knights of a new, rather an old, order - not Equestrians or Chevaliers, not Ritters or Riders, but Walkers, a still more ancient and honorable class, I trust.

H.D.Thoreau, Walking


Whatever fascinates and overwhelms me I would never call it "strange". I'm able to express what I can clearly see with the most simple words: the light, it's bright shine on the trunks and bare branches of some trees.

Philippe Jaccottet


Sometimes in forests and fields I feel like a wanderer who is offered a theatrical performance. This presentation, the movements, the pay on the shadows which have survived the great troubles of the 20th century is patently not performed for me personally. I sense that the play happens out of pure joy and is not influenced on whether I take pleasure in it or whether I turn away with indifference. Also I have to accept the possibility that the drama could be a trick of my own imagination.

Jon E. Staeheli