66 black and white photographs, a poem and a prologue by Jon Erwin Staeheli.

74 pages, hardcover and dustcover
Published in english and japanese language by TOSEI-SHA Publishing Co., Ldt., Tokyo, Japan

Publisher: Kunihiro Takahashi

Designer: Satsuki Ishiyama
August 2015.  ISBN 978-4-88773-161-5

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The photobook shows pictures from the series 'scrubs', 'private roads' and 'promenade'. It illustrates the no man's land around cities in Switzerland, France and Japan. The japanese title of the book 'meikyu' means 'labyrinth' and describes a journey on hidden tracks that usually get lost in the bush. Despite harsh weather conditions they disclose their secrets and their beauty if one can resist an alarming feeling of loneliness. The series refers to novels by Yasunari Kawabata, Alain-Fournier and Robert Walser.

The landscapes have been arranged by human beings according to their own needs. The rain, the mist and the twilight become the new controllers of these landscapes. The choreography is wild and full of surprises, even intimidating. It makes us question the purpose of shaping the landscape. The choreography gives it a completely new meaning.