Jon Erwin Staeheli (b. 1955) studied art in Basel, Switzerland from 1974 to 1977. He focused first on painting later he concentrated on photography. Between 1980 and 1994 he also worked as a civil engineer, planning and supervising road works, concrete- and steel construction, wastewater-treatment and water supply. Since 1995 he has worked exclusively as an art photographer. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.




2001–2008    Gallery "Pep + No Name", Basel, Switzerland

2006              Gallery "Galerie 4", Cheb, Czech Republic

2006              Museum of art, "L'Atélier", lieu d'art visual, Apt, France

2007              Gallery "Photopia", Avignon, France

2008              Gallery "Fiducia", Ostrava, Czech Republic

2009              Gallery "Monika Wertheimer", Oberwil, Switzerland

2009              Gallery "Tosei", Tokyo, Japan

2009              Museum of art, "Instituto Cultural de Mexico", San Antonio,

                      Texas, FOTOSEPTIEMBRE, USA

2010              Gallery "FotoGrafic", Praha, Czech Republic

2011              Gallery "Am Schwarzen Meer", Bremen, Germany

2012              Gallery "Oslo 8", Basel, Switzerland

2013              Gallery "Monika Wertheimer", Oberwil, Switzerland

2015              Gallery "Tosei", Tokyo, Japan

2018              Gallery "Tosei", Tokyo Japan




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