Eine Reise durch den Jura – 66 Fotografien und eine Kurzgeschichte
Un voyage à travers le Jura – 66 photos et un récit
A Jurassic journey – 66 photographs and a short story


Published in german, french and english.

2006, 144 Seiten/pages, 26 x 24 cm, paperback

CHF 48.– / € 34.–

ISBN-13: 978-3-7965-2233-8 /ISBN-10: 3-7965-2233-5

Verlag SCHWABE AG, CH-4132 Muttenz / Basel

Gestaltung: Zimmermann Gisin Grafik, Basel

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The pictures in this book came into being in the Jura, along the border between Switzerland and France. They span a geographical area between Basel and Geneva. The Jura is a mountain range of limestone. During the Jurassic geological period this limestone was deposited in a shallow sea. Later, in conjuncton with the folding of the Alps, were formed into what is now called the Jura range. The word Jura(ssic) is simultaneously a geographical and a geological term, as well as the name of a geological period. The word is originally Celtic and means "Forest".

The word "exposé" also has serveral meanings. It stands for:

"Being exposed to the elements", "exposing films" and "summary" of my impressions from hikes and working stays in the Jura.